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  • What happened when Samantha moved out of her parent's home

  • Where her father currently is and why he's there

  • The damaging narrative her mother gave her via compliments

  • The extreme guilt she felt and the family system she obeyed

  • Her final tipping point in ending the relationship with her father

  • What a private bible study revealed to her

  • How a bible verse and screaming at God freed her

  • The destructive power of trying to live up to the labels given to her by others

  • Realizing what she needed to do to reconcile with her past

  • Learning to allow herself to feel emotions again

  • Understanding clinically what happened to her

  • The word victim and its stigma but why it may be a necessary part in the process of becoming a victor

  • Learning to give the empathy to herself that she gave to others

  • Trusting her intuition again

  • How her current church restored hope, faith, and healing

  • Deconstructing the toxic theology she grew up in

  • Learning it's okay to hold things loosely

  • The meaning of the word freedom to her

Also, in AFTER THOUGHTS, Colleen provides information on why and where to find help for yourself or someone else if any type of child abuse is occurring or suspected



I still love who I was then because it led me to who I am today.
— Samantha Horton
I had to stop focusing on every external in my life and spend some time focusing on me.
— Samantha Horton
It’s okay to hold things loosely. It’s okay not to have all the right answers at any given moment.
— Samantha Horton




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The Wounded Heart by Dr. Dan B. Allender

The Enneagram Institute

A free online Enneagram test

Vinings Lake Church

Child Welfare.gov

Childhelp® National Child Abuse Hotline:

1-800-4-A-CHILD (1-800-422-4453) 

You can find Part 1 of Samantha's interview here. 



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