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“Everything that arrests you, everything that delights you, has to be noted.”


One Sunday morning it hit me that it was time I incorporate the lessons of those I admire into my work. Maira Kalman is one of my favorite illustrators and writers. In hearing her speak the above quote, it dawned on me that I too note all that delights me.

Why on Earth was I not sharing this delight in my work?

Why was I keeping it all trapped in my little notebook?

I had no good answers, so I’m setting it all free.

It truly is an addiction, paying attention to what I am grateful for. It changes my life. This practice alters my perspective and allows me to live in a state of “this is enough” and brings the tiny moments of life into noticeable focus.

I encourage you to try and see what it does to you in the experience of living your daily life.

You can write it all down or just make mental notes. Try it for 30 days.

I’ll be adding mine to the top of this list ↓ as frequently as I find myself arrested and delighted. C’mon, join me!

The constantly updated running list of my everythings:

((( * = linked so you too can have this everything )))

Buttered crusty bread dipped in homemade soup

A brand new bottle of unclumpy nail polish *

The feeling right before a guests arrive to a party and everything is ready

The feeling at the end of the party when the guests don’t want to leave

A friend’s perfume lingering after a hug goodbye

Super sunny days

Surf rock

Catching up with an adored friend

The promise of the new

Multicolored stripes

Uproariously laughing before falling asleep

Thunder + lightening storms

Sea salt *

Flower buds bursting through the soil

Opening the windows on the 1st warm enough day after winter

Day-old soggy popcorn

My favorite Muji pen *

Rainbow colored erasable gel pens *

The first sip of coffee in the morning

A text of “I miss you” from a long lost friend

The chirpy bird outside my window

Unexpected snail mail from a friend



MoMA snowman.JPG

Flip flops


Red painted toes


Naps in the hammock

A predicted 60 degree March day after nothing but freezing

Sitting by a fire

A day at home, all alone


Hugs from my adult sons

Salted caramel

The ocean

Sound of grade schoolers across the street outside at recess

The stationary aisle of the supermarket