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  • Kathe's story + her secret

  • A devastating diagnosis + the price of a promise of silence

  • The length of time it took to set herself free from the secret

  • Her search for happiness

  • Learning the teachings of spirituality

  • What removed the shield around her heart

  • Being lost in life and other's stories

  • What she had to learn to do to live a rich + full life

  • Learning what love is

  • How to open your heart with loved ones

  • Tapping into the wisdom of our hearts

  • How we can begin to un-story ourselves

  • The people we should surround ourselves with

  • The "Your Truth(full) Life" community

  • How Kathe was inspired to write her story

  • How her life changed when she released her story

Stay tuned for AFTER THOUGHTS as Colleen talks about what happens when we share the light of wisdom gained from sharing our stories and how she'll be bringing the podcast to life during a live event with Kathe in September 2018.  

And, the live event, Courageous Conversations, has occurred and it was a wonderful afternoon of connection. Thank you to everyone who attended and I’ll see you at the next event!


I have a choice to stay stuck in my story, stuck in what was, or; I have a chance to step into the brilliance of myself and who I am.
— Kathe Crawford
Love yourself because when you learn to love yourself you can then give love, receive love, and be love.
— Kathe Crawford
When I got rid of the shame and I got rid of the fear of judgment, everything changed.
— Kathe Crawford


Kathe's gift to you when you order her book.  Click image for all the details.

Kathe's gift to you when you order her book.

Click image for all the details.











My copy of Kathe's book with all 82 flags.

My copy of Kathe's book with all 82 flags.















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