Sometimes we all get a bit stuck. Stuck in ruts. Stuck in our lives. Stuck in our thinking.

Sometimes we are unrecognizable to ourselves after an end to a life role like parenting young children or caring for elderly parents.

Looking to get unstuck and see things differently?

Looking to see yourself again?

Then consider Life-casting yourself into a new frame of mind. 

Shift your vision

See your good

Own your story


Life-casting might be a nice fit if you would like to:  

  • Know you are perfect in this very moment

  • Move out of self-judgment + into acceptance

  • Notice the light in you + discover it in others

  • Learn how to tap into your inner wisdom

  • Transform negative feelings into positive feelings

  • Love what you love, out loud, without apology

  • Live in a state of radical self-love

  • Rediscover or redefine who you are after caring for another

And if you are looking to go deeper:

  • Learn ways to transform into a life of abundance through gratitude

  • Gain a deeper understanding of the role you play in the lives of others

  • Put your story into words and create a recorded interview that you can use in whatever way you need to broadcast the best self

What exactly is Life-casting?

Life-casting is where you grab an objective bird's eye view of life, reach your goals, and accept your roles. Gain the focus + the resolve to continue forward in the very special life you call your own

Tune your ears to the music that's all around you. Learn a few new dance moves. Hit the dance floor of your life with the base pumping and your heart thumping. I promise we'll have a good time. 

If you are curious to find out if a Life-casting session is the right fit for you, please schedule a complimentary 20-minute private consultation call or video chat. 

Trained as a coach, rooted in the practice of presence and practicing what I preach, I offer you the opportunity to actualize your best self in a space of non-judgment.

I'd love to hear about what you are looking to turn up the volume on in your life. 


Turning up the volume in joy,


 Colleen Kavanaugh, CDP, CCC, CDCS



My mission is to EMPOWER you to live within the limitlessness of the TRUEST YOU and re-frame the everyday into the EXTRAORDINARY.


In addition to the information on this site and private sessions, I offer presentation programs that could be right for your group or organization. Topics include: 

  • The Longest Dance, The never ending practice of finding + defining + redefining ourselves

  • The Dream Team, Cultivating a team that supports you to live your best life

  • The After Life, Living in peace after the transformation of self-discovery


It’s been incredible to see the difference a fresh set of eyes and a change in the way I look at my life have made in my overall sense of happiness + wellbeing.
— Abigail
Colleen is like a therapist without the Freud and a personal trainer for your soul without the exercise. One set of four sessions and I’m back ontop of my game.
— Monica
Just what I needed to pull back and reframe how I saw my life. I went from feeling, “This is unbearable” to, “This is manageable.
— Susan


(Anyone else like the Talking Heads? ↑↑↑↑↑) 

Here's my version of the Hair Club for Men's "I'm not just the president, I'm a member" bit.

Well, I can tell you that this is not what I intended to be doing as my career. But, after realizing the further I move toward doing what I love, just because I love it, the more people respond not to my work, but to me. That is a powerfully eye-opening lesson. Also, the more I move into acceptance of my current realities, the happier and more content I become.

And who doesn't want to be happier, more content, and loved for being them-self? 

I Life-cast myself every day. My story is what I make it. And, I've got a knack to help others see they can do the same.

But that eye-opening lesson didn't come until I lived for a decade not seeing what I was doing for what it was and wishing I was living another life completely. It was such a waste of my thinking. Because you know what? That life that I was trying to run away from was difficult + fantastic + temporary + brought me to where I am today. 

Just like wherever I am today is bringing me to where I will be tomorrow. 

During that decade I was caring for my parents as they were living and dying with terminal illnesses. I raced out of that role and into one that didn't fit and then into another that didn't fit. 

And then I worked with someone who helped me truly see who I was. Not who I thought I was but who I truly was, right at that very minute, down into my core. 

And the fight was over. I was able to begin living. Fully. In my truth.

But it didn't stop there. 

I followed what moved me and got certified out the wazoo and am now a caregiving and dementia expert. It opened me up to a world of amazing people who have hearts made of gold. (You can still hire me for caregiving help, but let me stay on topic...)

Then, having been in the practice of following the breadcrumbs that my curiosity was dropping and being inspired by the people I was meeting, I began podcasting. I love hearing everyone's stories. This is not so much a new thing for me but a return to my days of being a journalist. (I used to interview rock bands and still feel most comfortable in-between loud music, inside a pair of black leather pants, under a disco ball, wielding a backstage pass. TMI?)

And then (see, yours isn't the only life not being lived in a straight line) I stopped to ask what was missing in my life. What was I hiding from myself and others? What story was I telling myself that was stopping me from truly living? 

Hello, a-ha moment!

So I decided to own the facts about me that made me happiest. I owned up to my falterings. I committed to wearing the clothes I loved but left in the closet because I felt others would feel they were too loud. I used my superpowers and didn't sheepishly hide them but threw on a cape and allowed myself to start flying around. 

The results were magical. 

So I shared the ways in which I got here with friends + colleagues + clients. 

Suddenly we were all showing up like more of ourselves + less politely + unreservedly

Life was in technicolor again. 

And I love helping others live in technicolor.

It's my superpower. (That, and dancing til dawn - or at least midnight.) 



20-minute consult.jpg


You have two options that have been created to be as flexible or structured as you need. 


You + I have one 60-minute call.

Not the committing type? No worries. Schedule one call at a time, as you need.

This is a great way pop in and re-adjust your vision and quickly get back out onto the dance floor of your life.

We'll go over where you are feeling stuck and work through ways to re-frame your ways of thinking + seeing your current situation. 



You + I have four 60-minute calls + you get a recorded Life-cast.

I record each call so you can go back and listen to what you had to say + remember where we went.

After our first call, I email you worksheets that will help you continue to reflect on the issues you are addressing.

Call 1: Tell me where you are at in your life, what you are struggling with + where you'd ideally like to be.

Call 2: I pose questions to you based on our last call + we begin to reshape your story + uncover your light.

Call 3: We go deeper + deeper + then briefly structure what your show (and vision of life) will look like.

Call 4: We record an interview to showcase you from the space of your newfound inner strength, as informed by your inner wisdom.                                                                                            

And then: You'll receive a professionally edited digital copy of your story to use in whatever manner you choose. (Examples could be: your professional website, a memento of a milestone birth, a memory to leave for family + friends - just to name a few of the things you could do.)



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The organization Speak Up for the Poor works to create a new reality for girls in poverty.

10% of everything I earn goes towards sponsoring young women in their Girl’s Education Program.

It is my goal to sponsor eight girls who have the dreams of becoming a police officer, singer, doctor, and teachers.

You can learn more about Speak Up for the Poor by going to their website (click HERE) or listening to the interview with the organization’s director, Troy Anderson (click HERE).



My Grit, Grace + Gratitude is a resiliency program that I've co-created with Deb Kelsey-Davis. Stop by the site and check it out. Sign up for 12-days of free prompts designed to have you begin thinking differently about your life. Or, join Boost Camp, a limited-release virtual camp where a community of like-minded women meet up weekly after working through worksheets designed to look at how we are seeing things in our lives and harness our innate Grit, Grace + Gratitude - the three things that can get us through any situation we encounter. 


Disclaimer:  I do not offer medical or legal advice.                                                                                                                             I am not affiliated with any professional service providers.