The Binder


The Binder


THE BINDER. It was my most trust-worthy tool when I was actively caregiving. You can receive the entire contents of THE BINDER and create your hardest working caregiving tool with the click of a button.


Caregiver Support:

Creating Your Caregiving Team

Family Conflict Resolution Worksheet

Ways to Create Connections with Your Caree

Family + Friends Resource List

Signs of Caregiver Burnout

Caree Support: 

Care Directory for Doctors and Service Providers

Health Insurance Card Copy Place Holder

Medication Chart Template (to be given to doctors at each visit)

Health Trends for the Year Template

Annual Recurring Appointments + Events Chart

Care-at-a-Glance Chart

Doctor Visits Notes Template

911 Info Sheet

911 Bag Checklist

Power of Attorney Copy Place Holder

Advance Directive Copy Place Holder

Living Will Copy Place Holder

Do Not Resuscitate Copy Place Holder



1. Purchase the entire contents of THE BINDER and you'll receive downloadable PDF forms (so you can just print and go) and Excel sheets (to print and go OR actively update on your own computer). 

2. Grab a BINDER, PAGE PROTECTORS, and DIVIDERS and start building THE BINDER. If you don't have these lying around the house, click on the items just listed to purchase them on

3. Build THE BINDER or first watch my workshop HERE to understand the how's and why's of making the most use out of this new handy addition to your caregiving superpowers. 

4. Be very excited over the fact that you are now in a new state of control with medical details and caregiver support tips and tricks at your fingertips! 

5. Tell your caregiving friends to stop by to create their own version of THE BINDER!



* NOTE: 

All pages are copyright (c) The Longest Dance, LLC.

No pages may be copied, sold, or otherwise used as your own for any purposes other than your own personal use. 

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