• How Paulie spent 30 years masquerading as a corporate geek
  • How he pointed himself in a new career direction
  • The power of speaking things into existence
  • Advice to anyone who has a similar itch for a life change
  • Why he built a pizza oven in his backyard (it was for more than just the pizza parties)
  • Why Yankee fans make the best oven masters
  • How to influence influencers
  • The story of the pizza place that refused to hire him
  • The importance of having a supportive life partner and how he met his wife of 40+ years
  • Why you won't get take-out at Paulie Gee's
  • The "Paulie Gee Playlist": how many songs are it and which artists will never make it the list
  • His prolific Instagram account (+ what, in his opinion, is wrong with mine)
  • Why his employees can only wear logos from other pizzerias
  • Which toppings are prohibited on his pies
  • The secret ingredient he keeps on hand for his old school Italian patrons 
  • His big surprise about being a boss
  • The two things you need to make a dream reality
  • Who his greatest inspiration in the pizza world is
  • The one thing never to ask him to cook
  • Who he cooks for (hint: it's not you, and it's not me)
  • The part his belief in God plays for him
  • What he considers to be a Holy Trinity
  • The most fearful moment of opening his restaurant 
  • The one thing he can't leave to his head chef to do


And, pull up a chair for AFTER THOUGHTS and hear Colleen speak with her favorite DJ and fellow pizza tour participant, DJ CENTER, where he shares his thoughts on Paulie's playlist, his favorite Paulie Gee's pizza, what he's learned from Paulie, and why he thought Paulie was not a real person



The real risk was not taking a risk.
— Paulie Gee
Just do it. Walk through the wall of fear. It’s paper thin and there’s only good stuff on the other side.
— Paulie Gee
Commitment is your friend because when you commit to things, the energy that’s inside of you, you’re going to draw out more and make it happen.
— Paulie Gee
We all have seeds of greatness in us. You have to be able to bring those seeds out and make them grow.
— Paulie Gee


You can find DJ Center  HERE

You can find DJ Center HERE



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