• What Ogun learned about the process of grief

  • Receiving a diagnosis during a rocky point of his marriage

  • When the real work of grieving began for him

  • How therapy and energy healing helped him

  • The difference between the 1st and 2nd year of grieving

  • Surrendering to grief without resistance

  • His boxing match with grief

  • What happens when we allow our hearts to crack open

  • Working through anger

  • Realizing his wife was still there with him and their daughter

  • Discovering the pleasant memories in the midst of grief

  • The meaning we assign to our life is how we experience it

  • The power in telling the funny stories about the deceased

  • The idea of being a “love trigger”

  • Why the simple moments of living bring on the tears

  • How grieving was different for himself and his daughter

  • Why the loss of a parent is more permanent to a chid than the loss of a spouse to a spouse

  • How he and his daughter are closer through loss

  • Creating an outlet for the emotions we store in our bodies

  • How he ministers his congregation differently

  • The transformative anchoring of the grief process

  • On staying present to the opportunities for connection

  • Ikigai - what it is and how it relates to grieving

  • The grief timeline

  • Being okay

  • The comfort in hearing stories

During AFTER THOUGHTS, Colleen talks about living the moments we could never plan into existence and the gifts we can receive when we allow ourselves to live in the present.


Anything isn’t inherently good or bad, it’s how we choose to label it.
— Ogun Holder
We’re okay.
— Ogun Holder
There is no right or wrong time. It takes as long as it takes.
— Ogun Holder