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  • How we reflect on who we are and where we’re going

  • Madison’s non-linear career trajectory

  • How she knew CrossFit was no longer a fit for her

  • The power in not claiming identity

  • Are you an abstainer or a moderator?

  • Her must do’s for a simple + balanced diet and lifestyle

  • Grounding: what it is and why you’ll want to try it

  • When + why sleep is more important than exercise

  • The importance of connection + community

  • The reason she took a social media break

  • Trusting in the unknown of her life

  • Trusting in her body

  • The answers to be found in resistance

  • What to do if you are struggling with a decision

  • The value in remembering your why

  • The role shame plays in preventing us from living fully

  • Guilt vs. Shame in claiming our stories

  • Permission to follow our curiosity

  • The treasure in finding what lit you up as a young child

  • Being content in the mystery

    During AFTER THOUGHTS Colleen shares what showing up to virtual friends online has done in her life and what it might also do in your life. (And, an opportunity to join her virtually in January 2019.)


We’re primal people living in a digital age.
— Madison Luikens
If something isn’t working for you, set it down.
— Madison Luikens
There’s a difference between the effort that inspires and the effort that brings you down.
— Madison Luikens


The full quote we half quoted during our conversation.

The full quote we half quoted during our conversation.


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