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  • Her parents being diagnosed with terminal illnesses on the same day
  • What grief looks like three months in after the death of her father
  • Liz's ability to "crunch through" and structuring a full life
  • Advocating for Working Daughters
  • Letting go of perfection
  • Simultaneously wanting the end of caregiving and for caregiving to never end
  • The effects of medications in the elderly
  • Sleeping with the cellphone 
  • The business a spoonful of decongestant inspired 
  • How to make sure you have a life to go back to after caregiving ends
  • Learn her guiding principle during the earliest months after the loss of her father
  • Learn what "leaking is" (and why I plan to do it in the supermarket this holiday season)
  • The power music has on us
  • Some science behind the benefits of being a family caregiver (there are some pluses!)
  • The importance of making our final wishes known
  • The three phases of our relationship with our parents


I just like to put my energy towards things that have meaning to me and folding laundry isn’t one of them.
— Liz O'Donnell
You can be hoping for the end and hoping the end never comes all in the same time.
— Liz O'Donnell
Sometimes, when we are at our most exhausted, the benefit is that there’s no filter. We speak the truth.
— Liz O'Donnell
On the other side of Hell is this incredible perspective.
— Liz O'Donnell


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Screen shot and print to create your list!



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