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  • Gloria's Everyday Truthtelling Letters as a journey into owning her own crap
  • How reading the feelings of others helped her not feel alone
  • Social media reflecting experiences that were not her own
  • Why connecting through letters is different than through social media
  • Cultivating an intentional audience and a disciplined practice for reflection in her letters
  • Walking the line between sharing what is intimate vs. personal
  • The definition of codependency for Gloria
  • The role codependency plays in living with addictions
  • The nasty beast of active alcoholism 
  • Living in survival mode when alcoholism is present
  • The sigh of relief that is still happening in her life
  • The long road of recovery and rebuilding 
  • When medication is life-saving
  • The partner's overlooked perspective in recovery
  • The illusion of going back to normal
  • Navigating in a never before lived life
  • Viewing marriage in a new way
  • Relationship fallout, new healthy undoings, and rebuilding
  • The value of a new support network

And, during AFTER THOUGHTS Colleen reflects on what Gloria has shared and asks the question, "Are there any truths that we aren't speaking?



It is so healing to be able to healthfully be able to share these intimate and personal details so that other people can also find courage and compassion.
— Gloria Allhiser
We need more voices who stand up and say ‘Hey, I’m experiencing this and this is how I’m working through it’.
— Gloria Allhiser
The becoming is what happens with the undoing of all the crap.
— Gloria Allhiser




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