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  • How and why c. René made a huge life change in her mid-40’s

  • A recovering control freak finds life upended by menopause, a stroke, the death of her mother, and divorce

  • How seeing the impact her mother had on the world was a catalyst for her to begin living fully

  • Why The Rolling Stones perfectly illustrate how arbitrary life can be

  • Losing her “edit button”

  • The signs God was packing her bags to leave her job

  • How she fell into her new coaching business

  • Noticing the mental blocks that keep us stuck

  • Learning to trust herself by putting faith in God

  • Living 98% intuitively and seeing her new path open up before her

  • The Body Compass Method (you’ll love this!)

  • Why her mantra is “Let that shxt go!”

  • How we can bring awareness to self-sabotaging behaviors

  • Getting still with ourselves and noticing how we feel

  • The magic in changing “I should” to “I choose” in relation to our obligations

  • How life coaching is different from traditional therapy

  • Unhappiness is about YOU, not THEM

  • Sistermind - what this 6-month program is all about

  • Staying open and expectant to the good things

  • Why it’s never too late to reinvent yourself

  • The curse of gratefulness

During AFTER THOUGHTS Colleen reflects on the first time she realized we are capable of living different lifetimes within our single lifetime via reinvention.


As women, we sit on so much untapped power.
— c. René Washington
If we really connect to who we really are and what we really want, this doesn’t make us more selfish, it expands our ability to give.
— c. René Washington
Every day is a new opportunity.
— c. René Washington