• How the game of poker relates to life
  • How a career in retail, then IT, (and a touch of philosophy) helped create his third career as an author
  • Why writing is more satisfying than retail and IT
  • Pulling from the unconscious mind and creating from the conscious mind to create good writing
  • The thought-provoking ideas of ethics and technology
  • What's important in life and how we define happiness
  • How asking "What could go wrong?" helps drive a narrative
  • The philosophical questions within his book, Not So Dead
  • If we could live forever digitally, would that be okay?
  • Two things to watch for in every movie and television show
  • What writing in the morning keeps us closer to
  • Writing tips, tricks, habits, and techniques
  • The moment Charles first felt like a writer
  • Digital tattoos, longevity engineering, and immortalists 
  • The amazing (and scary) things going on with technology
  • The role of depression to inform living a happy life
  • The power of touch to connect us to ourselves
  • Three keys to happiness
  • The value of getting emotional support, especially when caring for others

Stay tuned for AFTER THOUGHTS to hear how Charles came to be on the show and which of Colleen's theories of life was proven after meeting him, a post-episode update on former guest Paulie Gee, and learn the signs of depression.



Really good writing comes from your unconscious, it comes from deep down inside you.
— Charles Levin
When I want to gain perspective on life, I walk outside, and I look up at the sky, and it can be day or night, and I realize how small and insignificant we are, and that the crazy stuff that we get hung up on is so meaningless, and won’t matter in 20 years, that we might as well really enjoy the day. So, just getting outside and being a part of nature puts me in my place.
— Charles Levin
It seems to me, the really great things in life happen when you put yourself out there.
— Charles Levin
Charlie with Paulie Gee.  Of note: The pizza boxes were for leftovers,  not  take out (this will make sense when you listen to episode #035).   

Charlie with Paulie Gee.

Of note: The pizza boxes were for leftovers, not take out (this will make sense when you listen to episode #035).


The mandate to Colleen from David Sedaris.

The mandate to Colleen from David Sedaris.

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TAL with Paulie Gee



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