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  • The art of bringing attention + intention to everything

  • Subtraction Project: what it is + why you might like to join

  • Cass’ thoughts on what’s inside our freezers

  • The wonderful anchors of memories within the holiday season

  • Letting go of the not-so-great memories

  • Holding space for the difficult moments as a family

  • Equipping children with the experience of how to do better

  • Cass’ favorite holiday tradition

  • How Cass keeps chaos to a minimum + leaves room for ease

  • The roles intention + flow have in her life

  • Using intention to get through less than favorite tasks

  • Buttered toast as an act of love

  • What the biggest lie is

  • The value in naming our roles in life to be fully present in a single role

  • A detour into our geeking out over planners, pens, and paper by the pound

  • Using lists + batching to free up mental energy + time

  • What the creator of Subtraction Project would like to add to her life

  • The 2% improvement factor

  • How to reach out to people

  • What she hopes her family sees in themselves

  • Closing the feedback loop

  • Asking, “What’s the worst thing that could happen?”

During After Thoughts, Colleen, upon Cass’ request, does an exercise from her new workbook to uncover why she isn’t in the holiday spirit and how she can make herself happy as an elf.


Once you realize why you’re holding onto something, it lets you let go of more than just the thing, it lets you let go of the weight of unmet expectations.
— Cass McCrory
When I shine a light on something, when I name it, it can no longer be as big and scary as it was in the shadows.
— Cass McCrory
Needing people and telling them that you need them is big and brave.
— Cass McCrory


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