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  • What to expect in the hospital
  • How to get your loved one the best care
  • Learn the first thing to do when meeting hospital staff
  • Find out which hospital form you'll want on file
  • How to get medical information
  • How much time you should stay with your loved one
  • Common hospital mistakes + how to prevent them
  • Common reasons for readmission + how to prevent it   
  • Why you'll want to pack a notebook + dry erase marker
  • What to watch for with medications
  • How to catch the doctor on rounds
  • How to step-up communication long-distance
  • What happens when the patient is released: how to prepare, what to do, and what to ask
  • A critical piece of information to get from the discharge nurse
  • Hospice care - a positive look at this change in the care plan
  • Preventable hospital death
  • All about altered mental status, dementia, + UTI's
  • The importance of acknowledging our new role of family caregiver
  • How you can get Beth's free booklet "How to Help a Loved One in the Hospital"


  • And, stay tuned for AFTER THOUGHTS to learn what to pack in your "911 Bag" so you are ready for an emergency visit to the emergency room

Click HERE for a free PDF list of the contents of the 911 BAG.

Click HERE for the link to THE BINDER page inserts.



Never go to the hospital as a patient without an advocate with you.
— Beth Suereth
Caregiving is not something you do alone. Period. You have to rope in every remotely willing or even unwilling family members, friends, neighbors.
— Beth Suereth
You have an enormous amount of power.
— Beth Suereth