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  • The story behind Beth’s new book, Who is God When We Hurt?

  • The indictment of the question of “Where was God”? and why it leaves us stuck

  • Facing the derailment of our plans

  • How searching for God is like making stew

  • The responsibility we have to understand who God is

  • Expanding, tweaking, fixing her definition of God

  • How her relationship to God and her prayer life changed during caregiving to her husband

  • The illusion of control and why we can’t always think about it

  • Answering the questions of where is God, why is this hurting, and why is this happening to me?

  • Why the search for God is about interpretation

  • Noah’s Ark - why you’ll never want to decorate a child’s nursery with this motif ever again

  • The mini-deaths of chronic illness

  • The power of community and affirming others in their grief

  • Who’s making clam sauce for dinner

  • Moving on and maintaining the love of a lost partner

  • The wisdom, understanding, and grace she received from other widows

  • The blessing in hearing the stories of those who’ve gone before you

  • What she hopes readers walk away with after reading her book

During AFTER THOUGHTS Colleen brings her attention to the themes of caring is caring, the strength gained from others, and the wisdom of the shared stories of those who’ve gone before us.


There are things you can do to make bitter better.
— Beth Scibienski
Clearly, my idea of who God was was incorrect, or not fully known.
— Beth Scibienski
All of our stories make up the whole.
— Beth Scibienski