• How she and her husband met and who he was as a person

  • Living + loving within chronic illness

  • Beth's biggest struggle in caring for her husband

  • Processing the projected fears of others

  • How we can handle more than we think we can

  • Her "grief button" theory

  • The promise she made to herself after her husband's death

  • The relationship between grief and fear

  • The benefits of massage in her healing

  • The liberation of setting the bar low

  • Radically slowing down life after loss

  • How she learned to be merciful

  • What tapping into her inner wisdom looked like

  • Going from a "we" to a "me"

  • The beauty in accepting what is happening

  • Navigating her congregation through their shared loss

  • Why she'll be writing to Facebook COO, Sheryl Sandberg

  • Reconsidering intimacy and the "vomit method"

  • The gift she gave herself

  • Considerations to anyone experiencing the first year of loss

Stay tuned for AFTER THOUGHTS as Beth reads poems about death (that aren't total downers) and shares what the loss of her husband gave her.



I want my family to know their mom is strong enough to grieve.
— Beth Scibienski
Be very kind to yourself and do all the things that you need to do even if they don’t seem like they’re on the right list.
— Beth Scibienski
Grief is proof you loved.
— Beth Scibienski
Image by Mitchell Toy

Image by Mitchell Toy


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