When I was growing up, the most common question my mother asked me was, “Did anyone ask for your two cents?!?!?” My opinions, thoughts, and musings on confusings were decidedly not welcome, asked for, or appreciated.

I’m a grown up now and after my mother has been surely and securely buried for over a decade. It’s safe for me to come out and own my gift of thoughtful commentation.

For the last four years, I’ve been coaching family caregivers before, during, and after their loved ones have been sick. I’ve interviewed countless people who’ve lived lives of extreme circumstances which have transformed their lives for the better (even if at the time they thought those circumstances were out to get them). I’ve been hosting workshops and giving talks on resiliency. (I’ve even written a book on resiliency.) I’ve been a student of the practice of presence and I’ve slowly and surely been living the situations of this life differently than ever before. In working to encourage others to see the best of themselves and live fully into their dreams, my own words have rubbed off on me. Without further ado, I’m stepping into doing what I was born to do.

I’ve seen, heard, learned, and lived a lot. I’ve got opinions and plenty of ideas. They are yours for the taking. And since they’re here for free, I guess you can say I’m giving you priceless advice. And that’s nice.