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Join Denise Brown, Carolyn Grant and myself during the last ten minutes of Denise's podcast, TODAY ON YOUR CAREGIVING JOURNEY, as we solve a caregiving conundrum or muse on a caregiving issue. 

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AIR DATES WITH TOPICS: 1/23 guilt, 1/30 family tiffs, 2/6 worries, 2/20 respite budget,  2/27 will it ever end?, 3/6 home health aide budget, 3/13 me, a caregiver?, 3/20 ut oh, 3/27 take it, 4/3 missing out on life?, 4/10 life, 4/17 finding our voice, 4/24 healing hurts, 5/1 weight gain, 5/8 option B, 5/15 fears + palliative care, 5/22 dignity of your caree, 6/19 high alert, 6/26 medicaid.




Join me in Chicago for the Second Annual National Caregiving Conference and experience two days filled with inspirational speakers (like Teepa Snow!) and workshops. I'll be co-presenting, Think About It. And Change Everything with Grit, Grace, and Gratitude, with Deb Kelsey-Davis of Soul2Soul.

I'll also be hosting a panel discussion titled, Your After Life / Bolder Than Before: How Death Taught Me to Live

And...I'll be offering an intensive workshop session for family caregiving professionals titled, Boldly + Beautifully Branded, It's Your Business, where I'll teach attendees about creating a cohesive "look" for their caregiving business that will help them put their best foot forward. 


MARCH 14, 2017

I had the privilege of being interviewed by The New York Times for the article, Pressed Into Caregiving Sooner Than Expected which highlights some of the unique circumstances of being a caregiver under the age of 50. Each of the caregivers interviewed gives a top of the waves glimpse into a part of their larger story. I encourage you to have a look and would love to know your thoughts, especially if you are a younger caregiver. 








What's in a Name? Part 1 / Judith D Henry.com

A Caregiver's Caregiver Part 2 / Judith D Henry.com

Care Radio: Caregiving Unscripted / podcast episode #1 about preparing to care and the power of stories

Care Radio: Caregiving Unscripted / podcast episode #4 about spirituality in caregiving

The Selflessness of Self Care / Caregiver Homes.com

Preparing to Be A Dementia Caregiver: Establishing Your Team / Caregiver Homes.com

The Longest Dance: Uplifting Caregivers Step-by-Step to Love, Prepare and Thrive / Daughters Unite.com

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To Go or Not To Go? The National Caregiving Conference And Why You Won't Regret Attending /                                                                                                           Caregiving.com


FEBRUARY 5, 2017

Yikes! I was live, along with six of my caregiving consultant colleagues as we present the six stages of caregiving through sharing stories from our own caregiving experiences. Who needed to watch the Puppy Bowl before the Super Bowl when you could have watched this! 

Access to the replay is HERE

I perform around the 20-minute mark.

I had never ever done anything like this before. I shared my story of how I realized, as a Godspeed Caregiver, that my life had forever changed from the experience of caring for both of my parents. 

Each of the stories are moving and I encourage you to watch. It just takes about 24-minutes! 



DECEMBER 22, 2016

In this article from USA TODAY, you can learn 4 Steps to Managing Your Parents' Bank Accounts. I provide tips to help prevent stress and additional expenses that could be incurred by not addressing financial matters sooner than later. 











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I flew to Chicago and was a panelist in these discussions:

For current family caregivers

Preparing for the Future

For former family caregivers

Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone

This conference was filled with workshops, speakers, inspiration, practical knowledge and fun (hello, caregiver fashion show!). What I found inspiring was that all of the presenters spoke to finding joy within the difficult role of family caregiving. I can't wait to attend next year. Perhaps I'll meet you there! 




Want to learn about "Finding Your Joy During Caregiving"? Then watch my interview with Leslie Cottrell-Simonds of The Visionary Passage and learn ways to find the silver lining that does exist within the dreary clouds of caregiving. We talk about what joy looks like during caregiving, training your mind see the gratitudes within your heart, of being present, my 1 x 1 rule, and more.

30-minute run time. 



OCTOBER 22, 2016

If you attended and stopped by my table, it was wonderful to have met you at The United Way of Northern New Jersey's Caregiver's Conference in Somerville NJ. The sessions on Getting the Most our of a Doctor's VisitMedicaid for Long-Term Care: What you Should Know before You or Your Loved Ones Require Care, and the Science of Sleep were wonderfully informative. I look forward to their next event!










I was a guest blogger on the Top-Notch Teams website all week. Topics included: Creating connections with your elderly parent, getting your kids involved in your elder care role, building your caregiving team, connecting with care staff, and navigating  the new world of assisted livingsCLICK HERE TO READ.           





Hear me speak with host, Jess Lively, about how I ended up in my intuition-led career as a Certified Caregiving Consultant and how her course, Life With Intention Online, helped get me here. This 36-minute episode is less about the daily acts of caregiving but of the far reaching and surprising effect it can have on our life. CLICK HERE TO LISTEN.









JULY 2016

In this 30-minute podcast, listen as Denise and I discuss how I began my caregiving role just two months after I began dating the man who would become the love of my life. I share with you what it was like to care for my parents for a decade during the ending of their lives while I'll was unknowingly creating the true beginning of my life. CLICK HERE TO LISTEN.









MAY 2016


Hear excerpts from my interview with Elizabeth Miller of The Happy Healthy Caregiver on how caregiving changed me, some things I would have done differently and what a Happy Healthy Caregiver looks like to me. CLICK HERE TO LISTEN.








APRIL 2016

Denise Brown's Virtual Caregiving Conference on Sunday April 3rd was a wonderful way to hear from professionals in the caregiving world right from your couch! In addition to Denise, there were speakers from various parts of the caregiving world offering 20-minute inspirational presentations on topics such as Coping Through Humor, Emergency Preparedness, Activity Ideas, Asking for and Receiving Help, and Coping with Difficult Days.

I was be part of a roundtable discussion on Life After Caregiving (yes, there is life after caregiving!)  It starts at the 1:29:00 mark. CLICK HERE TO WATCH.

Denise M. Brown is the founder of Caregiving.com, launched in 1996. She is the author of eight books and regularly speaks about the family caregiver experience. Her insights have been featured in The Wall Street Journal, SmartMoney.com, Time magazine and Chicago Tribune. Denise is also a professional caregiving coach, working with family caregivers and professionals to find the meaning in their journeys.

If you are unfamiliar with Caregiving.com, I strongly urge you to visit. It is the gold standard for family caregiver support and I promise the site will go straight to your heart.