I am going to play my Jersey Girl card but believe me, no one is more surprised than myself to be posting this video of..... yes, you know whose name I am going to say... Bruce Springsteen.  I have heard him describe this song as one about marriage, and certainly it is perfect for that however in hearing it tonight, I am thinking it is also perfect in the picture of caring for a parent or family member. There is certainly something in the pace of the song that seems to mirror the tone of caregiving in its slowest moments. The moments when quiet reflection finds you spilling over with emotion. The emotion from the slow loss. The emotion from the exhaustion. The emotion from not being able to save them in the way that they helped you grow and you now help them to die. Anyway, tonight I heard this song when my cousin posted it on her Facebook page and perhaps because she is the daughter of my Dad's brother, I have been put into a moment of thinking of the people who are no longer with me.

Have a listen and consider all the gentle love you are giving as you wait for your parent (or another family member) for whom you are caring, as they fall behind.

...That come the twilight should we lose our way

If as we're walking a hand should slip free

I'll wait for you...