So… I’ve been working like crazy and have pushed off going to the supermarket. My refrigerator has absolutely no fresh food in it. At this point in the week it’s become a game to see if I can continue to find food to eat. Because I have a freezer full of frozen meals, a pantry that is filled with all sorts of things and there are several eggs in the refrigerator, my game isn’t too terribly challenging. Anyway, I arrived home to find a mistakenly delivered meal prep box at my door. This was like manna from heaven! How did this box get delivered to my door? How did the UPS driver know to make this error at my house? What do I do? The intended recipient is two houses away and just around the corner. Is this a dumb luck mistake that I can eat of or do I need to be a good human and right UPS’s unintentional wrong?

Signed, Am I Evil or Just Lazy

Dear Am I Evil or Just Lazy,

You know you already know the answer to this, right? You lazy person, you.


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